Friday, December 17

Choices... Complicated

Sometimes I think about stop choosing. But accept anything less than what I really want would be unfair to myself. Actually, I just wanted 'the' somebody... but this one I chose haven't chosen me back, and problably the one he chose also didn't choose him, and so on...

I guess I'll have to keep choosing... What a vicious circle... :/

Thursday, December 16

because I know for sure that you're constantly in my mind.

Thursday, December 2

Blair: Im sorry, but I have to be Blair Waldorf before I can be Chuck Bass's girlfriend.

Chuck: I love you

Blair: I love you too.


Blair: I don't expect you to wait.

If two people are meant to be together, eventually they will find their way back.

Do u really believe that?

Chuck: I do.

Blair: So do I.

(Gossip Girl 4x09)